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So I logged on the other day to see a very familiar face and name in local. Crake Gaterau must have tried on 2 occasions to leave EVE and every time lasts about 1 month or 2 and then I spot him in a local near me.

He must be rusty and so am I so we went at it with me I think getting the upper hand for the first time in a solo match with him. I was excited and so was he because he noticed this and started to burn away from me to get out.

I noticed this late and so he got out of my damage and scram range. He is AB fit so my scram does not really do much other than keep him from not warping but had I not been so dam rusty I would have activated the MWD again and been on him again.

Next time Crake! Lol

A rifter came into the plex and I can take it easy so went for it instead of Crake but it was just one of those moments where you just glad to be shooting stuff again and all knowledge of piloting as a solo pilot went out of my head and I forgot to inject a cap booster. Reps turned off and by the time the cycle was completed when I turned them back on again I was in a pod.

I went from yay too shit dam quick and if I had not stopped playing I would have had 2 solo’s but I had stopped and so begins the 2 weeks of getting your ass handed to you and fine tuning your flying again.

So yes as a solo player you do get rusty. Your reactions get slower. Your brain is not in the game. I felt like a new player in a way. You want to do something but you just not clicking fast enough. You forget your ship is not cap stable and even though I post about the duel rep incursus being really cap management heavy you forget all knowledge of what to do when you flying the ship after some time not in space.

I reshipped into a railtron. I figured I am not engaging Crake again. I want to get my skills up again so one day I can go proper 1v1 against him. Something I was trying to build up to and also challenge nuke cave who was in system. They kind of my hero’s in a way. I want to be at the top of my game and then try to see if I can win.

Railton vs a Tristan is piss easy. You shoot the Tristan and not the drones. They will die before you do and is sometime really close but it’s a easy kill. Unfortunately again the rust shows its face and I don’t notice a Dramiel on scan and then 2 Griffins. I see a Dramiel come in and now at this point I should have gtfo’d quick.

Not this pilot. I figure why not. I mean the Tristans drones are shooting me the Tristan is burning away and the Dramiel is now shooting me with more drones. Did I by any chance drink happy juice before I sat down at my cockpit because what the hell was I thinking trying to take on a Tristan and a Dramiel.

Scary thing was that during this fight I was committed that I can possible take them. I believed I can, I mean who is going to prove me wrong… Well pure stupidity and pride, ego etc. You pick it I got smashed.

I really need to get my rust cleared and also get my sense of clever piloting back please. Can you buy this in Jita maybe?