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“You just won EVE!”

It’s something that Brink Albosa said in a comment of a post I wrote. The post was about myself leaving EVE.

EVE is a very interesting game. I can normally play a game and stop and just walk away but I find even today I was watching keynote speeches from FanFest 2015 and will check evebloggers to see if there is any cool new posts that catch my eye.

I watch one keynote speech where the guy spoke about cap boosting your EVE. The short version of it was really to try something new. If you think you not enjoying the game anymore then do the complete opposite of what you doing now. Fly in Null? Why not join a high sec Merc group. Never done Industrial stuff? Why not try it out for a month or two. Learn something new in the game and who knows.

You might like it.

I have not been playing at all for some time now. I can honestly tell you that I am bored. I want to still play. I love the game. Watching the video made sense to me so I want to try something new.

I want to try Wormholes. WH Space is something that I know so little about and it looks freaking amazing.

I also only fly frigates. I think it is now time to go up a size. I will not buy anymore frigates and will only fly cruisers and above for a bit. I have not even skilled for a Battlecruiser. I don’t have any Cruiser to 5. I have them all to 4 though. I don’t have any of the guns to 5 but again I have them to 4. I think it is time to move up and move away from what I know.

Low sec I love you. You were so good for me. I want to try WH now.

I think it’s time…

If you have a place for me. I want to hear from you. Please note that I will be a bit rusty. I know nothing about WH space but I am ready to learn like a sponge. I am ready for change.

Please leave your details in the comments. I will resub my account in a couple of days ready for my next big adventure.