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Unfortunately I have not had any time on EVE… My RL job is changing again and with me going to interviews, the little one & my after work clients wanting everything responsive with Google Algorithm changes means I am a little busy.

This is good for RL but not so great for EVE. RL comes first anyway.

I have been trading in Jita though. Some station trading on the side brings in the isk and it is a “check your orders every half hour” thing so I can run the client in the backend while I work.

My little man is almost crawling. I think in about 2 weeks or so it’s going to happen. I am super excited for him and every day is just amazing to see him try. He will get frustrated but one thing that he has thought me and that is to never give up. I will try and I will fail but I will try again and again and soon I will achieve what my goal is. For my little man it is crawling and then walking.

Maybe you have a different life goal. I hope you achieve this. I really do.

If however you have an EVE goal to get a solo kill or just be a good solo pilot then I give you my challenge today.

This is the “Erik Shang 10 Ship Challenge”.

Choose a ship that is cheap and should be under 10 mil to fully fit. Buy 10 of them with fittings and go hunting.

By the end of the 10 ship challenge you should get a solo kill.

Impossible I hear you say…

Well I gave this challenge to a pilot called Mr Spaxi when he joined us and he is now top 1000 on BC.

I gave the same challenge to another pilot 6 days ago.

The pilot is called Darkon Chanlin.

He showed me an Atron fit he was flying after I killed him which looked good. I helped him out with some iskies to buy 10 x fitted Atrons worth 6 mil each. I gave him the challenge to go and buy 10 of them and to lose them all but bring me 1 solo kill.

He could have said thanks to the 60 mil donation and just not done anything but instead he said why not. I want to improve and I want to get better.

Now anybody can go out and shoot a new player with this and bring me a killmail with a frigate and no tank. That would be the easy way to do this.

He went down the route of Mr Spaxi. He lost many in 6 days but like my son he never gave up. He logged in and tried again and again. Every loss is a lesson. And after 9 losses I logged in and found a new mail in my inbox.

It simply read:

As requested 🙂


Please help him out by donating some isk to this man. He is space poor. That is a very good fitted Kestrel and Incursus and for him to just go out and do it and get a solo kill… I think deserves a gift of some kind. I will be buying him a navy frigate of choice when I get online today.

If he can do it then so can you.

Are you up for the 10 ship challenge?

1x ship hull
1x fitting
10 x ships fitted.
= 1 x solo kill or in his case 2.

He still has another ship left so I am hopping for more killmails.