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I have not logged into EVE online now for just shy of 2 months. I can honestly tell you that I am not even itching to sub my accounts again because I have done the one thing that I thought would totally make sure I don’t go back to EVE Online and that is kill all my toons. Yip.

Eric Shang has joined space in the forms of ash scattered in Auner. I figured I started there with my life as a pirate and it should end there.

It was a sad day to see Eric go but at the same time it needed to be done.

You see I have gotten very bored with EVE. The love and lust I had for logging in died a sad death but killing things and having fun is still there so I have moved to Dota 2 – free and fun as hell.

I have not written this down here for so long before because I figured that maybe I should just leave the Eric Shang diaries in the state that it was. Just simply walk away.

I do feel now that I still have a lot to offer new players coming into the game. I still have a lot of knowledge with PVP with tactics, trading and manufacturing that I could share. It might not be much but maybe it will help someone out there playing the game or even thinking about joining the game and needs the final push.

I hope who ever read my entries that you enjoyed them. I know some people will say you stupid idiot! Why do it? Why not just give me your ISK first. J I have donated all my isk and ships to people who I thought would need it the most. New players. If you were one of the people who got ISk or ships donated to you then enjoy it and have fun. If you were not new then the same goes.

So you will still see some entries coming out of here. It will be more help type of stuff and trying to do a knowledge dump and the odd rant because of things that are totally fucked with the game and totally killing the community. Those will come I am sorry.

I do apologise ahead for those entries but it is something that has not only killed the game for me but maybe it has always been there and it just really affected me later in the game.

So from me Eric Shang.

It’s been super fun and I leave you with these two statements by people I looked up to.

Overheat everything and go balls deep!Johnny Twelvebore
It is just Pixels mate – Mr Spaxi