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Firstly I have to say that EVE is a very unique game. It is something special and really it is something that I am sure CCP is proud of. I do hope they are proud because they focus a lot of time on other games and not fixing things that should be fixed in the game that got them where they are.

When I started playing the game I had help even before I created an account. You see one of my RL friends played the game for 4 years and had to stop because of twins. He pointed me in the direction of low sec and piracy.

He knows me so knows my type of game play. I was not disappointed. The Bastards took me in and moulded me to be what I was and I met some crazy but great people.

There was always going to be people you do not get on with in a corporation but because The Bastards are more of a family than a corporation we got rid of these people quick. You had issues and it got sorted.

We had old members come in thinking that their status meant they had more rights than new members and they got kicked out. We looked after each other. It was one of those things that if a corporation mate was in deep trouble with a lot of isk to lose and 5-7 jumps away we sure as hell would fleet up and go help out. It was Brilliant! It was my family in EVE.

This changed when we had a leader change. The person meant to take over was forced out even though this person was basically running the corporation while the old leader slowly retired.

This did not bode well with me because we went from a family to just people online that are name calling and fighting in WhatsApp private group. I did not like what we had become in a matter of 3-4 weeks. I did not want to login and also my son was starting to not just poop, eat sleep and vomit and started to show a bit more interest in things like myself and my wife so my attention shifted to him. I was made director at this point and was trying to create content with another member so we can try to get over this period.

My decision to leave them.

I logged on one day and calculated that if I had to do corporation theft that I could possibly net about 9-10 bil in ships and assets and thoughts of ways to do it like times to do it, when do we have the least amount of people online came into my thinking head…

I stopped myself right there and then and quit corp.

To some people it must have been a surprise to see me quite the corporation so suddenly but I was not happy with the fact that the corporation that moulded me in what I became was now a target for me to make money out of. The family that I had are now just ISk and the friendships that I have will be broken in 1 day.

I could not do this. It is not me in real life and I just could not do it. I had to leave and leave I did.

Now you might think that this was the main reason why I left EVE. You would be wrong. I think nashh Kadaver is doing a great job with the guys. I hope to one day read about EVE and still know that the Bastards are still around and that I was one and will be proud to call myself a bastard for life.

You see while I went to null it was exciting but boring as I wrote before and the best thing that could happen to me did.

I went pure solo.

This is EVE Online launched and I think every EVE online player that was or is loved that video. I watch it now and just feel super proud.

It makes me want to play the game and I think that this is what happened. New players joined into the game.

This meant that at the right time of me going solo I had targets to shoot both new and old and shoot them I did. I was super excited to log in and kill things. I met some crazy but great people again who were my local buddies and also some great solo players that I looked up to.

I joined fleets from corporations that wanted to fly with me and just had fun. The love for logging in was there again but as with all things and with EVE Online it falls on its ass with 1 thing.


It is a game that simply cannot retain it’s new players. They changed the training tutorials but the problem was that the new player experience is fucked.

If you have no new player retention and old players leave because of RL stuff you have a game that will no longer survive. This was something that I noticed when I was doing solo pvp. It never effected me before but I realised that new players in the game are the life blood of EVE online. No blood. You die.

I will give you an example of how something so tiny can make the difference in just 1 area.

FW Low Sec

I want you to imagine you are a new player. You have less than 1 million skill points. You have seen the video of this is EVE and you so excited to login.

You do just that and join a FW Low sec corporation. You want to shoot stuff. You then hear that there are these things called plexes. You need to go in there and shoot the rats and deplex the plex with a timer and sometimes you get fights from pirates like myself and also from other FW pilots on the other side of your faction and this is the war ground.

Novice plex. This is for you right? Wrong.

You see T1 frigates can go into novice. Only T1 frigates to make it so new players can go there and enjoy FW and shoot and learn. To my brain that is what FW novice plex stands for and if you think the same then you again are wrong.

You see a novice has a T1 restriction but this restriction thinks that navy and pirate frigates are also T1 so will allow them into them.

This small tiny little fuck up from CCP is killing new player’s retention. It’s tiny.

If you look at the meta level for items.

T1 – T2 – Navy – Pirate – officer.

But you look at the novice plex for frigates meta.

T1 – Navy – Pirate

Not only are you making it a hard game to get into with the steep learning curve that is EVE online but because of a tiny little fuck up you have totally killed your retention of new players in Low Sec FW.

The players that stick around are the ones that will always go out in fleets. They never try go out by themselves and you will see massive blobs of fleets. This is something that now has changed in the small plexes.

Before we had destroyers T1 and T2 + T2 frigates. It made sense with the massive resists of the T2 Frigates to actually try to solo a destroyer is possible. No sane person would take in a T2 destroyer due to costs and there are some that do but I have seen very little of this. The balance of resists vs DPS is actually great. Well balanced. I have lost many destroyers solo to T2 frigates and I have won some.

Introduce the FW Small plex retention killer.

T3 Destroyer.

T1 Destroyer cannot win – warp away.
T2 Destroyer cannot win – warp away.
T2 Frigate cannot win – warp away.

So by introducing 1 ship. It has killed small plexes.

If you are not so new but still new to FW and you can finally get into a small plex with your T2 frigate. You die. There is no contest. The older players have isk. They have SP. You have little of both.

You can only afford a T2 frigate and before you would have fun with the T1 destroyers or T1 frigates coming to try to kill you but now you simply run away every plex because you can’t fight T3’s and they are everywhere.

So as a new FW pilot and to EVE online. You can’t fight in novices. Your targets are navy frigates who out tank and gun you and pirate frigates like the worm who in every way shape and form is just going to kill you. Tank, resists and fire power. It’s like a battle where you were handed a knife and the other person has a tank and it is an open field.

You can’t go into smalls. Your isk that you worked for to buy your T2 is worthless against a T3 destroyer. They are like the worm for novice plexes.

You see with everything in EVE I have found small tiny little fuckups that kill retention.

They small but they make the game for a new player so much harder to get into but also a success.

Even with 1 ½ years’ worth of SP at nearly 20+ Million with pure SP in PVP. I run away from navy and pirate frigates.

I run away from T3’s with my T1 Destroyer with perfect gunnery and tank skills.

How the hell is a new player going to enjoy this game if I with all my isk and experience get tired of losing and running?

No wonder EVE is losing people.

It sure drove me away from it.

I have notice small fuck up after fuck up in trade, PI and one of the biggest is manufacturing. Jesus that could be a post by itself.

That is why I left. I just don’t like the game anymore and how new players are treated. Even if I wanted to try something else in the game like trade or manufacturing which I did. I found things that are preventing new players from enjoying the game.

I don’t want to pay for broken things.

I just cannot do it.