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It felt like I have slept for a long time. Like a vampire you sometimes need a break and just switch off and like a vampire the urge to drink blood is far greater than sleeping and so you wake and find that the game you have left behind has now changed.

Change is good and bad for some. People must have left because of change but also things seem to have improved. Before I stopped playing Goonswarm were kings and now they are but another alliance. They are still a big alliance but they are not the Goons we know them to be. They can be beaten. They can bleed and “if it bleeds we can kill it”.

Worms were the go to Frigate in FW and T3D was allowed in smalls. How strange that I complained about this and it got fixed. I think  enough people noticed that they were the cancer to FW and now do not see so many. Well I base my finding’s on last nights little solo roam I eneded up doing.

I have based myself near Amarr/Minmitar FW because for me it is home and I know the systems well. I take a catalyst out and fit it for pure dps and glass tank. Gank and spank!

Cocky me thinks he is going to get kills and I lose the catalyst to a Corax about 7 jumps in…

Well rust is a thing when it comes to Eve Online and I am not talking about the rust from Minmitar. I am talking about the rust that sets into your brain. Like forgetting to turn on your Aux Repper and realizing that the ship that exploded was you and not the other pilot!

I had a good day with 180 mil in kills and only 60 mil in losses. I feel this is not to bad when you think it was week 1 for this New pirate back from the deep sleep that most pilots take when you immortal.

Back and hopefully going to stick around a bit… I will have to see if I do stay in Low Sec. I might try WH for a change of pace.