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I have joined a WH corp called Pink Unicore and we live in a C2 WH. I am now a WH bro.

I kind of like WH’s. You have no local so at any given time when you think you safe and there is no one in there with you that you are in fact not alone and at any point someone can decloak and kill you.

Its scary in a way but at the same time I kind of like the feeling of not knowing. It gives the game a kind of edgy feel. You on edge about everything. We have a good setup in the hole and the guys that run the corp are solid guys. Very knowledgeable about the game and one is a fellow pirate so we are using our null sec static to go hunting in Null sec. We get some high sec entries every now and again to move stuff in and out and some great low sec ones which has made killing things in Low sec fun as well.

I think living in a WH is actually great way to live. Ok I understand that not having a local chat is a bit scary but if you are in RL space you don’t have a local chat ether. There could be a massive mother ship cloaked outside our earth right now and we would know nothing about it… I like this.

I start my day by scanning the new signatures with an alt and then see where they go. We use Siggy to log it and this shares it with everyone in corp and because we sometimes get a C5 WH that is empty (well we believe it is empty) the corp can run the sites to make some iskies. Big iskies.

In our C2 I have run some combats in a drake. Its my first Battlecruiser and has a great tank thanks to the guys in corp giving me a good fit. Each site makes about 12mil so not to bad but the C5 combats is where the big iskies are. Im saving my isk at the moment. Need to finally skill up to a BS so I can join the main guys.

ERIC SHANG PVE BRO???? WH does not effect your sec status. So I get to keep my -10 that I worked so hard for. I Like this.

I am a pirate in a WH and I get to 1 day jump into Null and shoot Null peeps and on another day we get a Low sec entry and we go low sec PVP. Don’t like the entry you get then just roll the hole and a new one pops up in a bit. I really like this.

If you want to come say hello then come join me in their Public Channel is PinkPonyPub

I think they are wanting to recruit more people so If you ever wanted to try WH life then jump into the channel and come say hello.