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Alpha clones are going to be crazy good. I hope they get a bucket load of people in the game because I feel EVE for me just feels quiet in high sec. It could be me or maybe more people are making the leap to null but it just feels quiet.

With the new free to play clones you get to skill up to 5 mil or so for free and that makes it about 5 months worth of skilling non stop with no +implants.

This should be great but I for some reason have this feeling that what is going to happen is the same as with plex, this is eve, skill extractors/injectors.

We going to see a spike in new users and then it will fall back down. Maybe not quickly because 5 months of free anything makes people give it a try.

I work within a marketing sector where free delivery is a lovely hook we use to get people to buy. They save maybe £5 but because it is free they buy like crazy. Great for our sales targets but the problem with our stock coming from EU means sometimes people don’t get it when they expected it to arrive. Our sales targets are hit but my god do we get a lot of cancellations during this time.

It boils down to 1 thing. Expectations. If you do not meet the customers expectations then you will not only piss of the customer but that customer will speak ill of you. This is something we have recognised and are working on improving our logistics to overcome this issue. We have seen the problem and are trying to fix it.

So Eric wtf has this got to do with EVE Alpha?

We live in social media age now so if something is great we hear great things from the launch and when things are piss poor then well “no man sky” comes to mind.

The thing is that having a donkey and a carrot is great but no donkey is going to climb a mountain with just a carrot in front of its head and so no new player coming to EVE will  just stay because its free to play. Free to play is great but CCP want you to subscribe and its now telling the new player that has a free game “Look how fucking amazing this game is!” We gave you 5 months free to play this crazy well grounded game and you should now pay us money to continue this venture of amazingness.

The problem I have with EVE and god I do love this game is that its the expectation part where I find they failing.

In my industry we know our target market and try and fix our solutions around problems that the customers bring up. We look at data about retention rates on the site and where our weaknesses are. We adjust and fix things. Sometimes this fixes 1 issue but brings up another instead but at least we trying to fix the issues we know drive customers away.

I dont think CCP do this that well.

They asked new players why you left the game and so most people will say that it was boring, the older players have way to much more money so they feel poor and can not catch up to them, They cant skill 2 toons at the same time to try and bridge that SP gap and off course the older players have more SP than they have and it will take years for them to catch up so quite. Years sound long term and fuck do I know what I am doing in 2 years from now and skilling a character for 2 years while paying a company money sounds well stupid so no to that idea…

CCP have listened to them and said ok guys and girls of MMO world we hear you and to this we will give you what you want.

  • You wanted money and so we give you plex.
  • You wanted 2 toons at once and so gave them 2 account skilling
  • You wanted SP and so gave you injectors.

There is one thing that CCP forgot about and this is the main reason why new players leave. Its boring man…

Since CCP launched this beast of a game in 2003 it has had many changes come in and some were great and some were rubbish but me telling you which ones are rubbish for me is going to be different to you. We play differently so lets just leave it at that.

One thing CCP has never really looked into is Missions. I am not simply talking about Combat Level 1 – 5 but ALL Missions. The mission system in EVE has not changed in a very very long time but players coming to EVE as new players have.

I come from the generation where failure was just not in my brain when it came to games. I fucked up in a mission and I would go back and do it again and again and again and again untill I cracked the bastard and would get such sense of achievement from this that the fact I struggled was actually the fun part. Was I able to finish a full game of Street Fighter 2 in the arcade with just 1 coin. Yes I could. I set a goal to do it and fuck me I wanted to achieve this goal. I did it and by god it was the most insane experience but It was my achievement.

So when 2003 CCP launch EVE and the missions come into the game the grind was real. The grind is all we know and because most people playing eve at that time was my age or older it meant that we all had the same mental thinking. FUCK you game I will win!

The people coming to EVE now that are from the younger generation are not the same as us. They are from a quick fix generation of game play. The game has got to be something that hooks them and keeps giving them little hooks every now and again to keep feeding their need to login.

They playing games where achievements and gear and all types of wonderful shit happens in the mission. The mission feels like you part of the world and everything you do is contributing to helping your side whether it is good or bad.

New players Expect this in games now. They expect it.

EVE does not deliver this and I know that you will say that this is not those MMO’s and I get this but for the love of god I want this game to be here in 10 years from now and I want new players to join in on roams and kill other players.

I know that getting people into a corp is the most important part of the game experience and I know CCP know this.

We all know this.

New players do not give a shit what we and CCP know. They will play the game they want to play it. They will login and do only missions because that is what they want to do. They will mine only because that is what they want to do.

They want to feel like they achieving something great and the mission is part of a bigger story in the game would be a great change to what grind we have now. They expect this now from games and I hope CCP is looking at this aspect. I really really hope they looking at the missions next.